About us (Englisch)


Like all fairytailes our life-story begins with:

Once upon a time......

......in a beer garden of northern berlin in the summer of 1972. A bunch
of biker loving their motorcycles agreed all together having
the aim to found a motorcycle-association.
It was a momentous decision, nevertheless, the
Motorradclub Nord Berlin, short MRCN, was born.

It’s a long, long time ago, even so, two of these founders are still remaining.
In course of time we have seen a lot of clubs coming and going again.
In good and bad times, with more or less members, we kept this association alive.
We are very very proud about that. We never lost fun and together with all
our beloved motorcycle-friends we want to experience the coming years,
especially in retirement. According the motto:
"There is life in the old dog yet / The condemned life longer"....

Because of reconstructions in 1997 we couldn´t use our accommodation
any longer. The teamwork searching a new accommodation brought us
closer to each other. Finally we realized that we haven´t necessarily
needed this kind of a meeting room. Ever since we meet every first Tuesday
of the month having a lot of fun.

Student, workers, pensioner – we all are members. Even though not
everybody is still busy working all time at motorcycles – because of
familiar reasons, lack of time or other – every member is representing
proudly our association.
The classical virtues – mutual trust and help – are a matter of course.
We are not talking about companionship – we are living for it!
Because of that fact, also because of our common activities,
made us interesting for new members.

The highlight of the MRCN- year is our traditional motorcycle-encounter,
the "International Bärentreffen", which we arrange with personal invitations
since 1975 as a private meeting. For this special weekend we all are moving to
our fairground with a lot of stuff. Out there we are working hardly with a lot
of energy, love, commitment and, over the years, with professionalism attaching
importance to our beloved guests. Our long-lasting visitors appreciate our
meeting keeping in mind the matter of fact that currently there are only a few
of members. Like every year, as impatient as we are to welcome our friends, they
are just as well happy to drive to our final season meeting.
We welcome everybody with open arms - doesn’t matter what kind of company,
dog or mouse, children or friends and also doesn´t matter what brand of
motorcycle they are riding. If a motorcycle is more than a vehicle for you
and if you like watching “the stepping bear”, we would be happy to hear from you.

We wish for all visitors of this page a
rainless bike-season without any misfortunes.

Best regards, your "Bears" from MRCN Berlin e. V.